Our Services

1) Roof Restoration
2) Roof Repairs
3) Tile and Ridge Cap Replacement
4) Point Ridge Capping
5) Rebed Ridge Capping
6) Batten Replacement
7) Pressure Cleaning (Roofs) (Driveways) (Walls)
8) Spraying (Roofs) (Sheds) (Fencing) (Driveways)
9) Driveway Restoration
10)Gutter Cleaning
11)Gutter Guard
12)Downpipe Installs
13)Whirly Bird Installs

The roof is one of the most important parts of a home, so keep it in check.
We service any area in South Australia

Our Roof Restoration Procedure

Replace any broken tiles and ridgcaps
Clean Gutters
Pressure Clean Roof
Rebed ridgcaps Where Needed
Point All Ridgcaps
Apply Mouldrid (Optional)
Apply Primer Coat
Apply First Colour Coat
Apply Second Colour Coat
Clean Any Mess Made

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Roof Restoration

Looking for quality roof restoration in Adelaide? Whether you need a new roof for a fresher look or you want to repair constantly leaking, noisy or unstable roofs, we can help. All Round Roof Restoration Australia is a locally owned roofing company, with a huge experience in installation and repair of all kinds of roofs. We renovate and restore industrial roofs, commercial roofing, residential roofing, concrete roofs, tiled roofs, flat roofs, asbestos roofing among others, making them capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.

Roof Repairs

We repair and replace all types of roofs including damaged roofs, leaking roofs, rotten timber, damaged roof insulations, sagging roofs and worn out gutters. Our skilled roofing experts are available for roofing repairs and gutter replacement for all types of roofs. We have been in the business for a long time; therefore, we understand your roof more than anyone else does. Our contractors also repair and replace damaged and rotten timber as well as ceilings.

Ridge Capping, Rebedding and pointing

Ridge capping is essential to avoid water from leaking in through the highpoint where two tiles meet. We inspect the condition of the ridge capping and make appropriate adjustments if there are any signs of broken, missing or cracked mortar or any water damage on your ceiling. Proper ridge capping also helps to maintain a home’s aesthetic value. As the leading roof restoration experts Adelaide has to offer, we always ensure perfect rebidding before we begin ridge capping. We then apply adhesive cement as it is the best for holding each tile in a desired position. Finally, we use a flexible compound for pointing the ridge capping to ensure a strong bond exists between the roof tile, mortar and ridge capping.

Ridge Cap Replacement

Broken ridge caps can leave your roof system open and susceptible to leakages and other damages in adverse weather conditions. Through our ridge cap replacement service, our contractors will prevent moisture from building up on your roof deck or wind from destroying your roof, among other factors. We also work with the certified suppliers to provide you with genuine tiles and ridge caps.

Tile Repair & Replacement

Only a professional can repair your tiles for effective performance. Our experts always analyze every situation carefully before implementing appropriate tile repair mechanisms. While some tiles can be repaired by applying glue in adjoining lines, some will have to be completely replaced.

Batten replacement

Have you replaced or repaired your old roof in recent times? If yes, you need to have your batten checked to determine if the new heavy tiles overwhelm it. We do total or partial re-battening of the roof, repairs, and fixing the existing battens. We take all our roof-battening services very carefully in order to maintain the integrity of the entire roof structure.

Pressure cleaning

As certified roof repair and restoration Adelaide experts, we have successfully completed multiple pressure cleaning projects throughout the area using our gentle, effective and progressive cleaning solutions. Our Adelaide pressure cleaners are dedicated to revitalizing the looks of any worn out roof through thorough cleaning in order to give it a brand new look that does not compromise on the surface integrity.


Do you want to improve your roof’s looks at a considerably cheaper price? Our roof spraying specialists paint many types of roofs including metal, Colorbond, terracotta and concrete tiles. We use advanced sealers and primers to provide excellent and long lasting results in commercial, residential or industrial roofing. Our painting specialist always use effective painting methods that ensure better adhesion as well as flow-outs. Expect a quicker application, smoother finish and less overspray.

Driveway restoration

In addition to our quality roof restoration and repair, our Adelaide roofing experts provide professional driveway restoration services at affordable costs. We design, restore and maintain even the most sophisticated driveways, and we will tirelessly work out a formidable solution that guarantees beautiful driveways that are also long lasting. Contact us for paving preparation, block paving, resealing and resurfacing, driveway design, driveway maintenance, high pressure cleaning, and general driveway restoration.

Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guards Installation

Neglecting gutters is one of the easiest ways of damaging your home. Gutters are essential in directing water or snow away from the foundation of your house. Our roofing contractors remove all the dirt and debris from your gutter to ensure uninterrupted water flow. We also install gutter guards for extra protection as they prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter. Get in touch for all kinds of gutter guards including foam, nylon, reverse curve and mesh gutters.

Downpipe installs

Rain always represents a real problem for roofs, if it is not handled properly. Rainwater can cause leaks, rust and other serious damages on the entire building if you do not take the initial stages seriously. We install downpipes to prevent overflow by directing water safely to the ground. Before installing the downpipe, we examine the type of roof installed, calculate the length of the gutters, take dimensional calculations and determine the appropriate number of downpipes needed.

Whirly bird installs

Keeping your home cool in the summer might be challenging. However, our roof restorations Adelaide team has the exact solution for cooling your roof. We install genuine whirly birds that battle moisture and suppress heat build-up in the roof. We are proficient in installing ventilation appropriately to keep your roof moisture-free.

At All Round Roof Restorations our quality of roof restoration work is second to none.

At All Round Roof Restorations our quality of repairing of tiled and iron roof restoration work is second to none.

We are a small business that take pride in our work,yet don't charge you the ridiculous prices that the big companies do

All Round Roof Restorations is a South Australian Owned and Operated business.